Equity in Health and Wellbeing –Challenges in the Nordic Region

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In cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers. 

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The conference theme is health and wellbeing in the Nordic Countries with the goal of achieving greater health equity. The focus is on the complex relationship between income, education and health. We explore how health influences social position and economic standing, as well as how low income and lack of financial resources results in poor health. The overarching goal is to understand better how and why vulnerable groups have a health disadvantage and what set of policies are likely to promote equity in health and wellbeing.

The aim of this conference is to continue the dialog from the conference “Health Equity in the Nordic Region” held in Stockholm fall 2018, and review the issues further.

The conference will be attended by Nordic and international speakers, researchers, practitioners, policy makers and representatives of vulnerable groups. We also hope to see you there!


Staðsetning: Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura, Iceland,

Tímasetning: 29. maí 2019

Kort: Sjá staðsetningu

Tengill: Sjá nánari upplýsingar

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