Summary of rules and recommendations for individuals with a history of COVID-19



1.  Mask obligation and personal infection prevention:

  • The same recommendations as for those who have not contracted COVID-19.

2.  Vaccinations:

  • COVID-19 vaccination recommended: Yes, for ages 12 and older – but not until 3 months after confirmed infection for vaccination to provide the best long-term protection.
  • Recommendations regarding booster dose (third dose):
    • COVID-19 infection and vaccinated after illness: Yes, 6 months after primary vaccination.
    • Fully vaccinated prior to COVID-19 infection: Yes, 6 months after COVID-19 infection.

NOTE! Those aged 70 years and older and individuals with immunosuppression aged 12–69 years: Booster dose recommended after 3 months rather than 6 months.

NOTE! Those aged 80 years and older and residents of nursing homes are offered a fourth dose at least 4 months after the third dose.

3.  Travel:

    • Familiarize yourselves with the rules that apply in the country you are traveling to

4. Need for testing if  COVID-19 like symptoms occur:

    • Yes, rapid antigen test or PCR

5. After exposure to an infected individual (exposure):

6. If reinfection:

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