Exemption from testing and quarantine requirement for ship crews in Iceland

An exemption from the general testing and quarantine requirement for residents in Iceland has been granted to crews on merchant ships engaged in regular scheduled voyages between COVID-19 risk areas and Iceland according to the following criteria. This also applies to the requirement of presenting a certifcate of a negative PCR-test upon arrival in Iceland:

  1. Crews based in Iceland or residing in Iceland have travelled only for work and have, while travelling, followed employer instructions for infection prevention, which may be considered equivalent to protective quarantine measures, and who have not spent more than 24 hours off the ship in a risk area.
  2. Crew members residing in Iceland who are active in Icelandic society will not mingle with crew members residing in risk areas when not serving on board a ship.

    Note: if the same individuals work together as crew members for 14 days or longer before crew members residing in Iceland join the crew AND no illness occurs within the group during those 14 days, the exemption is upheld, despite the different background risk at the start of the work-period.

  3. Crew members who are exposed to infection despite precautions recommended by the employer, whether within the family, circle of friends or at work, are not subject to this exemption and must fully observe the rules for quarantine issued by the Chief Epidemiologist.

Please note that those who present a valid confirmation at the border from the EEA/EFTA-area of a previous COVID-19 infection or a full vaccination against COVID-19 are exempt from testing and quarantine upon arrival in Iceland regardless of working conditions abroad.

Exemption does not apply:

  1. For crews with their main operating base abroad who call in Icelandic ports for a short time to load or unload cargo, take on provisions or for crew changes.
  2. If new crew members who have been in risk areas have joined the crew within 14 days of arrival in Iceland.

    In the circumstances described in the previous two points, crews must follow instructions provided by the Icelandic Coast Guard’s Maritime Traffic Centre during the pandemic.

  3. In case of illness on board the vessel within 14 days prior to arrival in Iceland, or illness is on board upon arrival in Iceland.

In those circumstances, the instructions for ports and vessels for COVID-19 infection should be observed.



Fyrst birt 16.03.2021

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