Exemption requests from quarantine hotel/quarantine facility

Exemptions from quarantine hotel/quarantine facility related to travel from countries with an infection rate of 700/100,000 inhabitants or higher over a 14-day period are only permitted under special circumstances, e.g. health conditions, that make a stay in a quarantine difficult. Category II. in the Minister of Health's advertisement.

Note that if the employer has applied for a work quarantine, this includes an application for an exemption from the quarantine facility and the employee does not have to apply for this exemption separately.

A request for exemption from the quarantine facility must be sent at least 48 hours before arrival in Iceland to sottkvi@landlaeknir.is.

Inquiries regarding other issues received at this email address will not be answered.
The web chat on
covid.is is recommended for all other queries.

Individuals traveling from countries with an infection rate of 500-699/100,000 inhabitants over a 14-day period do not need to apply for an exemption by email, but request an exemption when pre-registering at visit.covid.is 48-72 hours before arrival. Category I. in the Minister's advertisement.

A list of countries according to this can be found here.

The following information must accompany the application: (applications that are incomplete will not be answered)

1) country of departure,

2) date of arrival,

3) mode of transport (commercial, private/charter/other flights, ships),

4) flight number or name of ship,

5) a border post here (name or code of airport or port),

6) full name of all parties as in their passport/travel documents,

7) date of birth or ID number of all parties,

8) gender of all parties,

9) citizenship of all parties,

10) country of residence of all parties,

11) telephone number used for pre-registration (with country code),

12) an email address used for pre-registration,

13) the reason for the request for an exemption due to:

    • Health related issues:
        • further explanation and
        • supportive documents (such as a medical certificate) must accompany the request
    • Family circumstances
        • a detailed explanation must be included, such as number and age of any children
    • Other
        • a detailed explanation must accompany the request
        • supportive documents if applicable

14) address of the requested location of quarantine (house number, street, apartment number or hotel name if applicable, municipality and/or postcode),

15) information about the premises: see also checklist which must accompany the application.

    • No one else will be in the premises while an individual is quarantined there.
    • Only persons in quarantine will be in the premises during quarantine.
    • Others who stay there will follow the rules on quarantine while a person in quarantine is there.
        • A list of those individuals must be included, with names and ID numbers/dates of birth.
  • Checklist

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