Children born in 2005 and later who travel. Measures at the border due to COVID-19

  • Children born 2005 and later are exempt from pre-registering and from presenting a certficate of a negative PCR-test upon arrival.
  • Children born 2005 and later do not need to undergo COVID-19 test at the border. 
  • If the parent/guardian goes into quarantine the child quarantines as well and quarantine of the child is lifted with the adult, without a test for the child. If the parent/guardian presents a certificate for exemption of quarantine, the child is exempted as well.
  • If one member in a household is in quarantine then other household members must choose whether to go elsewhere or stay and go into quarantine themselves. See also special instructions for children in quarantine. See guidelines for vaccinated individuals.
  • Individuals with symptoms compatible with COVID-19 should not attend school or work, but go for testing as soon as possible. Symptom testing can be scheduled at or by contacting the primary health care centre (outside daytime hours Læknavaktin at 1700 or +354 544 4113 from a foreign phone).

See also instructions for home quarantine.

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