Exemption from requirement for presenting a negative PCR-test, screening and quarantine in Iceland for flight crews travelling abroad for work

According to Act no. 161/2021, on quarantine and isolation and testing at the border in Iceland due to COVID-19, all individuals who have stayed over 24 hours in risk areas are required to present a certifcate of a negative PCR-test for SARS-CoV-2 no older than 72 hours at boarding and then undergo two PCR-tests in Iceland, the first upon arrival. Quarantine is mandatory until results are received from the second screening performed five days later.

The Chief Epidemiologst can grant an exemption from the general requirement of presenting a negative PCR-test and screening and quarantine for flight crews that follow the Chief Epidemiologist´s instructions for infection prevention while abroad. An application needs to be submitted for this exemption.

The exemption can be granted for crew members who have travelled to COVID-19 risk areas for companies based in Iceland and for companies based elsewhere whose crew members reside in Iceland according to the following criteria:

  1. Duration of the trip is less than 72 hours from departure from Iceland to arrival.
  2. Crews based in Iceland or who reside in Iceland who have travelled only for work and followed the Chief Epidemiologist´s instructions (see below) for infection prevention while abroad which may be considered equivalent to protective quarantine measures.
  3. Crew members, who come in contact with a confirmed case despite precautions, whether within the family, circle of friends or at work, are not subject to this exemption and must fully observe the rules for quarantine issued by the Chief Epidemiologist.
  4. Crew members must monitor their health closely and specifically for the following symptoms:
    • Runny or stuffed nose (cold symptoms), sore throat, sudden change in sense of taste or smell
    • Cough or shortness of breath
    • Fatigue, body aches, headache
    • Fever over 38°C

If any symptoms arise, the crew member must contact staff health to decide if they may work.

Please note that those who present a valid confirmation at the border from the EEA/EFTA-area of a previous COVID-19 infection or a full vaccination against COVID-19 are exempt from border measure upon arrival in Iceland regardless of working conditions abroad.

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