Life after COVID-19 vaccination

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Symptoms after vaccination:

See more about side-effects here (in Icelandic).

It is very important to notify the primary health care or the institution where you were vaccinated if serious or uncommon side-effects arise after vaccination. Even if you are not sure that the symptoms are related to the vaccination you should report them as these are new medicines under special scrutiny. Be aware that when the same vaccine is given with short intervals it is very likely that symptoms of immune system activation (fever, feeling unwell or tired, local discomfort at the injection site) in the first 24 hours after the later doses. It is not necessary to report these common symptoms to the Icelandic Medicines Authority unless they are very extreme (for example the entire arm swells up) or last longer than usual (as assessed by a health care provider).

Community restrictions for infection control after vaccination:

People who have completed COVID-19 vaccination are not exempt from the general restrictions in effect due to the COVID-19 epidemic (limitation of gatherings, mask use, workplace regulations).

The vaccination is known to decrease risk of infection, but does not eliminate infection and we do not know yet if those who are infected after vaccination are less likely to transmit the disease to others or not.

People who have completed COVID-19 vaccination and carry an official certificate issued in an EU/EEA country are not required to undergo screening and quarantine after travelling to Iceland according to regulation no. 18/2021. Once the World Health Organization (WHO) issues international vaccine certificates for COVID-19 vaccination they will also be accepted as exemptions from screening and quarantine at the Icelandic border.

Vaccinated individuals are not exempt from quarantine after exposure to a person with COVID-19.

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