COVID-19 Instructions for outdoor and indoor areas

Restrictions on the size of gatherings depends on the decision of the authorities at any given time.

As per current regulations, all indoor and outdoor areas may not accommodate more than 10 people (with few exceptions). 

In all areas, individuals should not enter the area if they:

  • Are in quarantine.
  • Are in isolation (also while waiting for screening results).
  • Have symptoms of disease (such as cold, cough, fever, headache, bone or muscle aches, fatigue, shortness of breath).

Those that have been in isolation due to COVID-19 infection and 14 days have not passed since discharge should pay special attention to hygiene and hand cleaning and they should avoid contact with individuals in high risk groups for severe disease.

Individuals should respect the 2-metre physical distancing between individuals who are not connected. Children born in 2005 and later are exempt but adults need to keep distance from unrelated children.

There should be no contact (mixing) between areas. It goes against the purpose of the number limit to have areas divided but then to have many areas come together e.g. when entering or exiting, at the ticket booth or in the lavatory.

Areas should be separated by at least a 2-metre high division or a 2-metre gap that cannot be crossed.

When selling entrance/tickets it should be kept in mind that families and connected individuals may sit together but 2-metre distance needs to be kept between others.

Easy access to hand washing facilities and/or hand sanitiser must be provided.

Each area must be clearly defined and no contact is allowed between areas. Each area must preferably have its own entrance and exit. If the same entrance/exit is used there cannot be any mixing between the areas during entry and exit. Ventilation is helpful so doors and/or windows should be open at the entrance/exit if possible and common surface areas cleaned regularly.

Toilets must be separate for each area. Toilets cannot under any circumstances be used for more than one area.

Sale of tickets, refreshments and similar services need to be unique for each area. Employees including servers may not move between areas. Common contact surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected at least daily or more often if possible. Ventilation should be attended to and doors and/or windows opened for at least 15 minutes (or longer) as many times during the day as possible.

Guests should be urged to exercise extreme caution and respect the 2-metre physical distancing rule and infection prevention. Posters are available for display as reminders.

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