The Prescription Medicines Register

Purpose: To acquire knowledge about prescriptions and prescription drug use, generally monitor doctors' prescriptions for drugs and monitor the development of drug use. Information from the database is also intended for scientific research. Physicians involved in the treatment of patients have access to their patients' use of prescription medicines and individuals have access to their own medication history through the national citizen health portal

Contents: The Prescription Medicines Register contains information on electronic prescriptions and on all dispensations of prescription medicines (both electronic and paper prescriptions) taking place out of hospitals.

Period: Electronic data back to January 1, 2002.

Source of data: Data on electronic prescriptions as well as all dispensations from pharmacies, dosing prescriptions for nursing homes as well as paper prescriptions that are registered in the pharmacy information system and sent electronically to the prescription medicines register.

Registration items: Various items concerning prescriptions and dispensations and about the medicines being prescribed. Examples: date and place of dispensation, ATC code of the medicine, quantity dispensed and the license number of the prescribing doctor.

Comparable or related databases: All the Nordic countries operate drug databases containing national data. However, length of operation and coverage differ between countries.

Processing and publishing: Data from the prescription medicines register are used for monitoring. Certain statistics are published on the Directorate of Health's website. Data from the prescription medicines register is also widely used for scientific research. Such research is subject to the approval of the National Bioethics Committee and the Data Protection Authority.

History: The origins of the Medical Director of Health's Prescription Medicines Register can be traced back to the year 2003 when it was first defined in the Medicines Act. The Directorate of Health started operating the database in 2005. Amendments were made to the Medicines Act in 2012, which made it possible for physicians to access information on their patients´ use of prescription medicines and gave individuals access to their own medication history. In response to this expanded use of the database the Directorate of Health built a new database that is updated in real time. Data from the previous database were merged with the new one, which now contains data back to the year 2002.

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