Appropriate housing while in self-isolation due to COVID-19


Appropriate housing while in self-isolation due to COVID-19

Persons in isolation should remain in the same accommodations for the duration of the isolation.

Accommodation used for isolation should preferably offer the following:

  • Single occupancy units or single-family units
  • Private hygiene facilities (lavatory, sink and shower or bathtub) for those in isolation
  • Private facility to prepare meals/dine
  • Those not in isolation may attend work or school. Those not in isolation at the same location should follow guidelines for Special Precautions.

Persons in isolation should not visit restaurants or grocery stores, so it is important to check the options available in the area for obtaining necessities while in isolation.

Each unit that is used for isolation should have a laundry facility. Alternately, those in isolation should have enough clothing, towels and linens to last the duration of the isolation.

If staying in an apartment building or a hotel/guest house special attention should be paid to the 1 metre distance from other people and to hand hygiene when entering or exiting or moving through common spaces. Avoid touching common surfaces and avoid staying in common areas while in isolation such as stairwells, laundry rooms, hotel reception, sauna, swimming pool etc.

Communication with staff at hotels or guesthouses should be by phone or computer, not in person.

Persons in isolation can use balconies or gardens/outside areas that are for the private usePersons in quarantine can take walks in public areas in the vicinity of their isolation location, for health reasons, but should respect at least 1 metre distance from other pedestrians.

Persons in quarantine should not use facilities or equipment in public spaces, such as benches, tables, exercise equipment, public lavatories, public showers/pools or drinking fountains.


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