Appropriate housing while in quarantine

Persons in quarantine must remain in the same accommodations for the duration of quarantine, it is prohibited to move from hotel to hotel or between regions in Iceland unnecessarily. An example of a justifiable reason to change accommodation while in quarantine is illness when care in hospital is required. In such instances the traveling companions or family members who are also in quarantine may move to accommodation closer to the hospital. Such a transfer should be reported to the chief epidemiologist (

Accommodation that is used for quarantine must offer the following:

  • Single occupancy units or single-family units
  • Private hygiene facilities (lavatory, sink and shower or bathtub)
  • One bed/mattress per occupant or space for occupants to lay down their own mattress
    • A family unit must be large enough to allow 1 metres distance between the beds, ideally 2 metres.

It is not recommended that people who do not habitually live together use the same accommodations, hygiene facilities, cooking facilities etc. during quarantine.

Each unit that is used for quarantine should ideally have private laundry facilities. Alternately, those in quarantine must bring enough clothing to last the duration of quarantine without washing and consider their need for towels and linens. Hotels that offer accommodation for quarantine must provide access to sufficient linens to all guests in quarantine for the duration of quarantine. Please consider also the instructions for employees in quarantine facilities on the website for the Directorate of Health.

If quarantine is spent in a hotel or official quarantine facility where staff members are responsible for maintenance, supplies and janitorial services, the staff must have access to facilities that are reserved for use by staff (sink, lavatory and workspace) and inaccessible to quarantined individuals.

Each unit used for quarantine ideally has a private entrance, but if that is not the case the following applies when persons in hygiene enter or exit their unit:

  • 2 metres distance between unconnected persons should be carefully observed
  • hand hygiene should be attended to before and after moving through common spaces
  • persons in quarantine should avoid touching common surfaces as much as possible, but practise careful hand hygiene before and after touching any surface in common areas

Persons in quarantine may not linger in common areas such as the reception area or use any shared facilities or equipment such as sauna, swimming pool or exercise facilities during quarantine.

Communication with staff should be by phone or computer, not in person.

Persons in quarantine may use balconies or gardens/outside areas that are for the private use for their personal unit during quarantine. If no such facilities are present, persons in quarantine may take walks in public areas for health reasons, but must maintain 2 metres distance from other pedestrians while exiting the quarantine accommodation and during the exercise. Persons in quarantine may not use facilities or equipment in public spaces, such as benches, tables, exercise equipment, public lavatories, public showers/pools or drinking fountains.

Cabins, hostels and camping facilities where multiple, unrelated individuals share hygiene facilities may not offer accommodation for people in quarantine and persons in quarantine may not use any such shared facilities while in quarantine. See also instructions for individuals in quarantine.

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