Process to opt in or out of COVID-19 vaccination for 5-11 year old children will be live 7. January 2022


The process as introduced in the media on 5. January 2022 has unfortunately changed for technical reasons. It will not be possible to identify contact information for legal guardians to send the invitation regardless of availability of electronic ID association.

Legal guardians must decide whether or not to accept vaccination for their children, with as much input from the children as their maturity allows.

Information about the vaccination of children is available in several languages here: https://www.covid.is/barn. Additional materials are on the website for the Directorate of Health, in fewer languages.

Materials to explore with the children can be found on https://www.covid.is/barn and will be available in all the site languages in the near future.

Opt in for vaccination (registration):

  1. Electronic ID available to guardians who share a permanent residence with the child: https://skraning.covid.is

On this site guardians can select each of their children aged 5-11 to

  • Opt in for vaccination as advertised by the Primary Care in the area
  • Register additional approved escorts if the guardian(s) are unavailable when the vaccination is scheduled
  • Opt out of the vaccination entirely or defer vaccination (for example due to current illness or recent COVID-19 infection)

Once a guardian has opted in for the vaccination a barcode will be sent to the number associated with the electronic ID. The guardian must then forward the barcode to others they have approved as escorts for the vaccination for their child. If a child arrives at a vaccination site without the barcode the system can be queried for information about the registration. If the opt in has been registered and the escort listed as approved, the child will be vaccinated in such cases. ID (passport, driver‘s licence, other) will be required from the escort in such cases.

  1. Electronic ID not available to guardians who are registered with Registers Iceland (Þjóðskrá): All guardians who share a permanent residence with their child will be associated with the child in the system and can escort the child to the vaccination. ID (passport, driver‘s licence, other) will be required from the escort in such cases.
  2. Guardian and/or child not registered with Registers Iceland (Þjóðskrá): vaccination can be requested on https://vaccine.covid.is/ to speed up the process at the vaccination site, or simply turn up at the vaccination site at the time advertised by the Primary Care to be registered on site.

Opt out or deferral:

  1. Electronic ID available to guardians who share a permanent residence with the child: opt out will inactivate barcode or prevent generation of the barcode in case of disagreement between two guardians who share a residence with the child. All confirmed phone numbers of guardians will receive messages if the status of the child changes in the system.
  2. Electronic ID not available to guardians: Opting out in such cases must be sent by email to the nurse in the child‘s school or the Primary Care in the area at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled date of vaccination as advertised by the Primary Care in the area to prevent the vaccination if the other guardian brings the child to the vaccination site.

Disagreements between guardians about whether to opt in or out of the vaccination should be resolved in another arena, the vaccine will remain available to all children whose guardians resolve to opt in for vaccination.

Place and time of the vaccination

School nurses will send emails to the guardians of children in each school to advertise the time and place of vaccination in each Primary Care Area.

Children who have not yet started primary school (borni n 2016) will generally be vaccinated later in the month, this will be advertised in each area. It may be possible for them to be vaccinated alongside the older children if guardians so choose. Children born in 2017 may be vaccinated on or after their 5th birthday, please refer to the Primary Care in your area for details.

Common questions about the vaccination process:

What about children who have already had COVID-19?

Vaccination is recommended, but not until 3 months after their diagnosis with COVID-19

What if a child is ill on the vaccination day?

Vaccination should be deferred until they are well, and if the illness is related to COVID-19, then until 3 months after their diagnosis with COVID-19.

What about children with history of anaphylaxis after vaccination or another injected drug?

They should not be vaccinated unless a specialist in allergy medicine determines vaccination can be done safely.

If a guardian has more than one child in the age range 5-11, can they all come together?


If a child is not able to come to the vaccination site on the day specified, can they be vaccinated later?

Yes, the Primary Care in each area will advertise when and where vaccination will continue.

The Chief Epidemiologist

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