Use of Astra Zeneca vaccine in Iceland


Due to the serious situation with COVID-19 in the European Region it is imperative that all available vaccines are used as appropriate. The use of Astra Zeneca Vaccine was recently suspended in Iceland due to concern for unusual blood clots occurring in previously healthy individuals, especially women under age 55. The Icelandic authorities had not planned to use the vaccine for those age 65 or older as data was lacking on efficacy, but recent publications from England and Scotland have remedied this situation and it is now clear that the vaccine is both effective and safe for older age groups.

As of March 23rd the COVID-19 vaccine from Astra Zeneca is again in use in Iceland based on these data. It will be offered to those older than 70 years old to start with but will probably also be offered to at least some individuals age 60-69 once vaccination of this age group starts.

The use of this vaccine will be expanded as appropriate with additional data from EMA or other sources.

Chief Epidemiologist for Iceland

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