No confirmed cases of measles – more vaccine expected

Today, Tuesday March 12th, during a meeting with the Chief Epidemiologist it was confirmed that no new cases of measles have been identified. The situation was reviewed and a vaccination plan for the whole country was drafted. More vaccine is expected to be available later this week and recommendations will be given regarding arrangements of vaccinations.

A large number of people are already in quarantine at home under the supervision of the primary health care centers. Individuals in quarantine are those that have been in direct contact with an infected individual. They are requested to stay in quarantine from day 6 to day 21 from day of exposure. Those in quarantine should therefore stay at home and make sure to not be in direct contact with unvaccinated individuals that have not been diagnosed with measles.

The Chief Epidemiologist will continue monitoring the situation.

Further information regarding measles can be given at the online chat at www.heilsuvera.is and in number 1700.

The Chief Epidemiologist of Iceland
Tuesday, March 12, 10:30.

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