No new cases of measles

Today, Monday March 11th, during a meeting with the Chief Epidemiologist it was confirmed that no new cases of measles have been identified. A total of 50 samples have been analysed at Landspitali and 5 cases have up until now been confirmed. The Chief Epidemiologist will continue the monitoring of the situation.

The vaccinations will continue in the East of Iceland and in the Capital area for the following groups:

  1. All unvaccinated individuals born from January 1st 1970 – September 1st 2018 (6 months – 49 years old).
  2. All individuals that have been exposed to measles and individuals they are in contact with on a daily basis.

Further information on location can be found on the web side of the Healthcare Centre of East Iceland and the Healthcare Centers of the Capital Area. Vaccinations for other groups will be announced if needed. A vaccination plan for the whole country is in process, in collaboration with regional and district epidemiologists.

Further information regarding measles can be given at the online chat at www.heilsuvera.is and in number 1700.

The Chief Epidemiologist of Iceland
Monday, March 11, 10:50.

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