Sjá stærri mynd

The Directorate of Health collects data and compiles statistics on a number of health care and health promotion issues. It also produces statistics on communicable diseases, other diseases and causes of death, on surgical procedures, induced abortions and sterilisations, as well as collecting data on prescription drug use, patient complaints and accidents.

The menu on the left links you to statistical data on most of these subjects in the form of Excel tables with titles and headings in English as well as Icelandic.

Visitors to this website looking for other statistical material in English can direct their enquiries to:

Thorolfur Gudnason, Chief Epidemiologist for Iceland (communicable diseases)

Sigríður Haraldsdóttir, Head of Division, (health statistics in general)

Guðrún Kristín Guðfinnsdóttir, Project Manager (hospital statistics)

Last updated 14.11.2016