Registers and health information

Sjá stærri mynd

According to the Medical Director of Health and Public Health Act, No. 41/2007, the Medical Director of Health shall organise and maintain national registers on health, diseases, accidents, drug prescriptions, births, and the work and performance of the health service. The purpose of the registers is to gather information on health and the health service, to monitor the service, to ensure its quality and assess its success. This register data are also to be used in order to facilitate planning for quality development in the health service as well as for scientific research.

Likewise, the Chief Epidemiologist, whose office is located within the Directorate of Health, is, according to the Act on Health Security and Communicable Disease, no. 19/1997, responsible for maintaining a register of communicable disesases. This register includes information on the diseases, the agents causing them and events, on immunisations and on the use of antimicrobial drugs. The data in the Chief Epidemiologist´s registers are to be used for preventive measures and in epidemiological research.

The following registers are maintained at, or under the auspices of, the Directorate of Health and include a unique personal identifier:

  • Birth Register
  • Causes of Death Register
  • Hospital Discharge Register
  • Register of Primary Health Care Contacts
  • Register of Contacts with Medical Specialists in Private Practice
  • Prescription Medicines Register
  • Cancer Register
  • Coronary Event Register
  • Accident Register
  • Register of Communicable Diseases
  • Vaccination Register
  • Register of Nursing Home Pre-Admission Assessments
  • Register of RAI-NH Assessments
  • Register of Biobanks Opt-Outs
  • Register of licenced healthcare practitioners
  • Register of licenced healthcare facilities.

All unique identifiers in the abovementioned registers are pseudonymized and re-identification may only be done under exceptional conditions and with special permissions, either from the Icelandic Data Protection Authority or the Icelandic Bioethics Committee.

Two registers are mainted without unique personal identifiers:

  • Register of Sterilizations
  • Register of Terminations of Pregnancy

In addition pseudonymized data from the survey Health and Wellbeing of Icelanders, which was implemented in 2007, 2009, 2012 and 2017, are maintained at the Directorate of Health.

Last updated 02.12.2019