Regarding exemptions from screening at the border and quarantine after work-related travel

According to art. 9 of regulation nr. 18/2021 regarding quarantine, isolation and testing for COVID-19 at the Icelandic border the Chief Epidemiologist retains the authority to issue exemptions from screening and quarantine for health care workers, police and workers involved in transport of goods or services who follow the instructions of the chief epidemiologist while travelling abroad for work. Due to changed circumstances with the initiation of COVID-19 vaccination in Iceland, all exemptions issued in 2020 are no longer valid.

Those who have completed COVID-19 vaccination in the EU/EEA should carry a government issued vaccination certificate to present at the border instead of an exemption letter issued by the Chief Epidemiologist.

Once the terms of exemptions and instructions of the Chief Epidemiologist for infection control have been reviewed, exemptions may be re-issued to unvaccinated individuals who meet the criteria for continued exemption according to the Chief Epidemiologist.

Chief Epidemiologist for Iceland