Test to shorten quarantine due to exposure to COVID-19 (close contact to a confirmed case)

Quarantine is used when a person is possibly infected with a disease but is not yet symptomatic. From the start of the epidemic full quarantine duration has been 14 days as per the Chief Epidemiologist´s instructions. From 14 September these individuals have the option to undergo a PCR screening test after 7 days to shorten the quarantine period. If the virus is not detected the quarantine is lifted.The next 7 days the individuals still need to pay special attention to hygiene and basic infection control and avoid contact with vulnerable groups. This test is free of charge.

As a follow up after a phone call from the Contact Tracing Team the individual will receive a barcode in Heilsuvera (if he/she has electronic ID) or an email with information on home quarantine and the test. An ID and a barcode that is sent by the same route the evening before need to be brought to the testing. If you cannot present on the day scheduled for some reason you can come the following day. You cannot come earlier than scheduled.

An individual with symptoms of COVID-19 should not present to a testing appointment unless he/she contacts a healthcare centre first by telephone or through Heilsuvera. After-hours dial 1700, or +354 544 4113 from a foreign number. In an emergency dial 112.

Information on testing centres and hours of operation can be found on the website of the Directorate of Health.

Until the results of the test are known rules of quarantine need to be adhered to. If the test is negative (no virus is found), the quarantine is lifted. Negative results are reported through Heilsuvera (if has electronic ID) or as an SMS message. A positive test (virus is found), is alsway reported by a telephone call. No response in 24 hours means the test is negative. After 24 hours inquires can be directed to the web chat on covid.is.