EHEC infections in Iceland June-July 2019

A cluster of infections due to verotoxin producing E. coli (a.k.a. EHEC, STEC or VTEC) of the O026:H11 type has been linked to the tourist attraction Efstidalur II farm in Blaskogabyggd in the south of Iceland.

If you visited the farm between June 10th and July 4th 2019 and if you or any member of your group/family develop diarrhoea within 10 days of visiting the farm, especially young children, you should contact a doctor to arrange for diarrhoea stool to be tested for this bacterium which can cause serious illness on occasion.

If symptoms have already passed without significant illness, no testing is recommended.

If no symptoms develop, no testing is recommended.

After contact with animals, before eating or preparing food and especially after caring for individuals with diarrhoea, hand-washing with soap and water is strongly recommended. Alcohol-based hand-sanitizer is an optional addition but may not be sufficient on its own against many causes of diarrhoea.

About E. coli infections from the WHO

Further information can be requested from the Chief Epidemiologists office  svl@landlaeknir.is

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