On the validity period of COVID-19 vaccination certificates at European borders

On 1 February 2022, the decision of the European Commission (EC) that COVID-19 vaccination certificates are valid for 9 ...
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Process to opt in or out of COVID-19 vaccination for 5-11 year old children will be live 7. January 2022

The process as introduced in the media on 5. January 2022 has unfortunately changed for technical reasons. It will not b...
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Changes made to travel advice from the Chief Epidemiologist

Due to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (B.1.2.529) in South Africa and the identificatio...
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The Chief Epidemiologist recommends a third dose for everyone 16 years and older when 6 months have passed since their primary vaccination against COVID-19

The Chief Epidemiologist recommends a third dose for everyone 16 years and older when 6 months have passed since their p...
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Modification of COVID-19 isolation discharge guidelines

The Chief Epidemiologist has updated instructions for discharge from isolation where more than one person is together in...
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Deaths due to COVID-19

Two deaths due to COVID-19 occurred this week in the intensive care unit of Landspítali University Hospital.
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New measures at the border due to COVID-19

At midnight, a new regulation came into effect which stipulates that travellers with ties to Iceland must, despite prese...
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Vaccination for COVID-19 for students in grades 7–10.

This August, COVID-19 vaccination will be offered to children aged 12 to 15 years. The local healthcare centre organises...
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Updated COVID-19 Recommendation regarding Travel Abroad

In light of a surge in COVID-19 infections in many areas of the world, residents of Iceland are advised not to travel un...
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Residents of Iceland and those who have a social network in Iceland are asked to go for COVID-19 testing as soon as possible after arriving in the country.

The Chief Epidemiologist directs the recommendation to those who have been vaccinated or have a history of previous COVI...
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Vaccination after a previous COVID-19 infection

As the vaccinations of susceptible individuals for COVID-19 are far along, it is time to offer vaccination to those with...
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COVID-19 Excelsior Pass from New York State

A pilot program has been launched to accept the Excelsior Pass at the Icelandic border from passengers flying from New Y...
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Vaccination of employees / residents of foreign origin against COVID-19 who have a system ID number and those who do not have an Icelandic ID number

Employees / residents of foreign origin who stay in Iceland for a longer or shorter period of time are welcome to get va...
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Continued use of Astra Zeneca COVID-19 vaccine (Vaxzevria) in Iceland

The Chief Epidemiologist has received the expert opinion of haematologists at Landspitali University Hospital regarding ...
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Use of Astra Zeneca vaccine in Iceland

Due to the serious situation with COVID-19 in the European Region it is imperative that all available vaccines are used ...
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