The Directorate of Health

Sjá stærri mynd

The Directorate of Health is a government agency headed by the Director of Health. Its principal role is to promote high-quality and safe health care for the people of Iceland, health promotion, and effective disease prevention measures.

Its activities are set out in the Medical Director of Health and Public Health Act, No. 41/2007, as well as in other provisions of law and regulations. See more.

In accordance with the objectives of the above law, the vision of the Directorate of Health is as follows:

  • Health and well-being based on health promotion, disease prevention as well as accessible and safe health care supported by the best knowledge and experience available at any given time.

The Directorate of Health has adopted the following values to guide its employees in all their work:

  • Accountability – Respect – Trust

Management and organisation

The present Director of Health is Alma D. Möller MD, PhD, EMPH, who took office on 1 April 2018. She is the 18th holder of the office since the establishment of the Directorate of Health in 1760. The Directorate operates under the authority of the Ministry of Health.

The Management consists of five Heads of Division as well as the Director of Health.

For more, see: General information and management.

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Main functions of the Directorate of Health 

According to the latest amendments of the Medical Director of Health and Public Health Act, No. 41/2007, the scope of the Directorate of Health was extended in 2011 to include public health measures and health promotion, in addition to its former functions. Among its present functions are:

  • To advise the Minister of Health and other Government bodies, health professionals and the public on matters concerning health, disease prevention and health promotion.
  • To sponsor and organise public health initiatives.
  • To promote improvements of health care quality.
  • To supervise the health care services and health care professionals.
  • To monitor prescription medicines and promote their prudent use.
  • To collect and process data on health and health care services and promote research in that field.
  • To handle complaints from health care users.
  • To issue licences to practise to health care professionals and ensure that their education meets requirements at all times.

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